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Laboratory for Integrative Architecture 
 Critical Mass 2 – M-ARCH-T Seminar

Theory Seminar Summer 2021


Berlin´s urban space has been under pressure for several years. The sustained growth has led to a general increase in real estate prices and population shifts from Berlin´s inner city to the outskirts and beyond. Current debates, publications and competitions suggest that a rethinking has recently been evoked, bringing the development of more affordable, urban fringe areas back into the spotlight of urban planning. This poses the challenge of confronting economic rationality and establishing an appropriate density for sustainable and diverse forms of living at the interface between city and landscape. Critical mass is not only a question of land utilization and efficiency, it also concerns visions for future living, collectivity and sustainable typologies on the urban periphery.    

Scales and Methodology: Trans-scalar Analysis

The course "Scales and Methodology" investigates the properties of building typologies by means of an architectural research approach. A set of reference projects that represent mixed-use and dense housing typologies in urban fringes will be analyzed and documented in various scales using morphological analysis methods. In the seminar, you will learn to develop aspects and criteria of architectural analysis, learn to use comparative spatial analysis methods, morphological examination and mappings, and to document, present and discuss the results.

Task and teaching format

Students will work in groups of two persons and will be asked to analyze and document a selected reference project in the form of documentation and a presentation. The course will be carried out as a compact online seminar over 9 weeks from 21.04. to 16.06.2021


The course is restricted to students of the international Typology Master program. If you are interested, please send your full name, email address, matriculation number and a proof that you are a student of the M-ARCH-T program to our tutor Niki Sidirourgou ( by 07.04.2021.