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Laboratory for Integrative Architecture 

Theory Seminar Winter 2015 / 2016


Theory Seminar

The theory seminar "CMA" is a research supplement to our design studio. The seminar is working on a comparative study of interesting large-scale housing typologies. The seminar will explore design proposals and theories for these buildings being included in a final publication.
Participation in the seminar is obligatory for the MA students.


If you are interested in our theory seminar you need to participate in our task 0. The handout will be on October 6 at 5pm in room A814. All further information and instructions will be given there.
Students who are accepted for the design studio are automatically registered for the theory seminar.


The theory seminar is addressed to highly motivated students who should have experience with programs such as InDesign, Illustrator and CAAD. Erasmus students are explicitly welcome.


Master: Arch M WP(6) LIA.01 (SE 6ECTS/4SWS)


Monday, October 5, 10.20am, A151
Tuesday, October 6, 5pm, A814
Thursday, October 8, until 11.59pm
Friday, October 9, 9am, A814
Thursday, October 15, 10am, A814
Thursday, November 26, 10am-12pm, A814
Thursday, January 7, 10am-6pm, A814
Thursday, January 22, 10am-12pm, A814
Thursday, February 18, 10am-3pm, A911

Release Task 0, Open Studio
Hand-in Task 0
Presentation Task 0
Release Seminar task (MA)
Presentation Projects
First hand-in seminar task
Feedback seminar task
Final hand-in seminar task