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Laboratory for Integrative Architecture 

Theory Seminar Summer 2016

Emerged in pre-industrial times, fully developed through Hobrecht’s Plan during industrialisation, bombed and transformed after World War II, the Berlin Block was flexible enough to absorb Berlin’s complex historic developments and harsh socio-political changes. In the course of time it became a porous and on many levels heterogeneous urban structure of spatial, programmatic and social co-existence. After Germany’s reunification it contributed to the emergence of a new culture that formed the seeds for Berlin’s current demographic and economic growth. As a consequence, it is under big transformation pressure today.  

So far little research has been carried out on the typology of the contemporary Berlin Block beyond the Hobrecht era, especially as it developed in the Post-War period. The research seminar “Berlin Block” therefore aims at documenting, analysing and comparing the development and present situation of the Berlin Block, in order to first of all manifest it as an urban typology and understand the qualities of its main typological elements. By doing this it hopes to positively contribute to the debate on the potential of this urban structure in regard to ongoing transformation challenges. 

The theory seminar is addressed to highly motivated students who should have experience with programs such as InDesign, Illustrator and CAAD. Erasmus students are explicitly welcome.

Bachelor: W Maßstabsübergreifende Analysemethodiken für Metropolregionen
Master: Arch M WP HA(6) LIA.01 Maßstabsübergreifende Analysemethodiken für Metropolregionen

Bachelor and Master: 6ECTS / 4SWS

If you are interested in this research seminar you need to send an email to Ali Saad ( until 15.4.2016 and come to the first meeting on April 22nd 2016, 10 h, room A814. All further information and instructions will be given there